Do you want to volunteer?

Do you want to leave more behind than footprints?

Do you want to get to know Laos, the culture and the people from a deeper perspective?

Do you have one week to one month or more to share your skills with our Project Kajsiab Laos Team?

Then come and volunteer with us!

Kajsiab is a local Lao-Hmong initiative, situated in Northern Laos, Bokeo province.Kajsiab is dedicated to the improvement of health care and communication for the local women and their families in Bokeo in Laos through organizing exchange activities between the local people and visitors.

The project is also aiming at increasing more understanding and respect between travelers and the local people. We will work with you to determine how to create the most satisfactory experience possible based on the work opportunities available at the time. You are welcome anytime and there is always plenty of work to do. We just need to find out what your talents are, and above all, what you enjoy doing!

You will be working with local Hmong, Lamet, Lao Lu and Lao Lum people from the villages in Bokeo in the mountains and valleys around Houayxay, and with other volunteers and trainees.  Counselling and coordination is provided by a Dutch and Belgium mediator/supervisor.

The costs for food and housing are between 7, 13 or 17 euro a day, depending on your stay in tent
and which meals you share with us. For details please contact us. 
There are no additional fees for counselling and supervising. We consider this an exchange: you help with your labour and we help you to find your way in the culture and make the most of the projects.

You will gain valuable experience and have lots of fun!

Example typical week during your volunteering time

Day 1 – When you arrive we will welcome you and give you a tour in our main base Daauw Home, Houayxay. We will explain some customs and we will answer your possible questions. We will have lunch together and you will have time you relax and adjust to the Lao pace and atmosphere of Kajsiab. You can look around with all the activities and get an idea about how the project works.

In the afternoon you can go to the local market with the Kajsiab Team to buy some foods and local goods for the project and the self sustainable activities of Daauw Home Restaurant run by local trainees from the mountain villages and a campfire to enjoy the typical evening life in the Lao mountains and valleys together with the local people, guests and volunteers.

Day 2-5 – In the early morning you can help the Lao Team with the typical morning work (doing dishes Lao style, cooking, making rice, working in the garden and cleaning the house)  but you can also sleep in a bit and join for breakfast. After breakfast it is time for the first session of project work.

You have decided somewhere in the first few days together with us on what project you will work with us.

Activity 1 : Creations: workshops to encourage creativity: painting, drawing. This is part of the process of the local women to find a new future plan to earn their own income and become independent. The paintings and drawings can be sold to the Woman Empowerment Shop or be used as a part of the local goods information tags

Activity 2 : Imaging: Film and photography. This is part of the process of the local women to find a new future plan to earn their own income and become independent. The movies and photo’s can be used for the communication and advertisement of the project or the pictures can be sold to the Woman Empowerment Project

Activity 3 : Local Products: Making of bags, pillow cases, bamboo materials, jewelry, embroidery. This is part of the process of the local women to find a new future plan to earn their own income and become independent. The local goods can be sold to the Woman Empowerment Shop. Volunteers helping here will be making the tags (using writing, stories, drawings, paintings, photo’s)

Activity 4: Plays: Prepare classes for the next session between 12 and 1. This is a way to relax after working together and have fun together

Activity 5: Building: depending on the running projects you will help with the building of houses, toilets, garden, a.o.

Activity 7: Communication, advertisement, administration: You will be working more independently on the computer to improve communication, advertisement, administration, economics of the project. In the afternoon you will spend time with the local people to improve their skills in communication and English conversation during advertisement sessions

Activity 8: Develop courses and workshops: You will be working more independently on the computer to develop specific courses and workshops for Daauw Home and other bases.

Around Mid day: Plays, Lunch and time to relax

Afternoon: Workshops on Hygiene, Woman issues, First Aid. Some volunteers and Local team members will leave to the local market or go to advertise

Late afternoon: English Conversation Classes

Around 5 or 6 p.m. Help the Team to flyer on the street. The income from the restaurant of this evening goes directy to the food for the Shelter, water and electricity costs and materials for all activities the following day.  The advertising/flyering is extremely important for the self sustainability of Kajsiab Family.

Evening: Daauw Home restaurant, Help the local people with the communication in case of difficulties. You can help with the running of the restaurant together with the local people by giving more detailed information about all activities of Daauw Home to guests.

Around 8 until 11: Build a campfire, relax after the day, commune with nature, talk with the local people you have worked with, discuss your ideals with other volunteers and enjoy the fire.

Day 6: Today will be a day of relaxing and looking back on what is done last week.

Optional break:

Go to a nearby waterfall where you can enjoy the Lao pace, enjoy nature, have a pick-nick and have a swim if you like! Spend a day on one of the islands of the Mekong River, relax, have a swim and a fish barbeque with the local river people.

Day 7: People who are leaving spend the morning talking and discussing the work of the weeks and future ideas, plans, feedback

Afternoon relax and spend the day as you like with us

Evening dinner and campfire

Experiences of volunteers:

Sarah Kappel

Alec Connon & Martha B

Robert & Iris Timmerman

Family Goren

Taly Goren

I want to support the project by visiting the bar, restaurant and Homestay of “Daauw Home”