Visit Daauw Home!

When you travel through Houay Xay visit Daauw Home the main base of Kajsiab,
based in Huay Xai near the Thai border inthe north-west of Laos.

At Daauw Home Guest House and restaurant the Kajsiab Initiative provides women
from the local villages with a place to sell their beautiful handmade products such as
bags, skirts, rugs and belts in the Woman Empowerment Shop.

It is also here at the Homestay that Kajsiab Initiative takes on interns from the local mountain villages. The interns receive training in the hospitality industry, business and administration matters and the English language, as well as receive a fair monthly salary for their work there.

Daauw Home is also dedicated to the providing of a place of shelter for the families of patients at the nearby hospital, with cooking and sleeping facilities provided free-of-charges

You can Empower the local economy and can help to improve the well being of the Lao mountain people in a meaningful way, Just by having a meal or a drink and by staying for a while to enjoy the ambiance of Daauw Home. Grab a book, visit the Women Empowerment Shop and enjoy the campfire.
Join the Mountain meal with volunteers and Mountain people and get to know them better.

You can also decide to volunteer, contact us or come by and have a talk with us.

If you like to stay in one of our bungalows please contact us:

How to get there:

Main Road

Thai Border


Mekong River