General Information about Kajsiab Family Laos

Kajsiab Family is a small grassroots Initiative that that with its unique combination of Hmong and Western perspectives on matters such as education, healthcare and women’s issues is selflessly seeking to improve the lives and health of some of the poorest people in the country.


Kajsiab Family focuses on improving the lives of the mountain people by offering information concerning health and education, trainings and exchange of skills and customs between mountain people and volunteers.

Kajsiab seeks to empower the mountain people and works with new ways to earn an income and new skills to remain self sustainable in the mountains.


Kajsiab Family is located in a thickly forested and mountainous area of northern Laos known as the Bokeo province. This is an area surrounded by valleys, rice fields and about 7 to 10 small communities of 200 to 400 people, which belong to ethnic minorities like the Hmong, the Lamet and the Lao Lu.

Challences faced by the rural Villages of Bokeo Province

Food Shortage
No access to clean drinking water and sanitation
Limited or no access to healthcare
Financial insecuraty, due to lack of reliable income

Kajsiab Family: The Mission Statement

The promotion of a mutual and respectful understanding between travelers and local people in regards to one another’s cultures and customs. To do so through a process of cultural exchange, by encouraging dialogue between the Lao mountain people and travelers and by our sharing of daily lives together. It is the hope of all involved at Daauw Home Guest House that this greater understanding and respect can lead to an improvement in the daily lives, schooling and health of local people.

Kajsiab means: a flower that blooms, a heart that opens, a love that suddenly springs. It is the name of a beloved sister who died at the age of thirteen as a result of a minor infection that could have been easily cured with access to basic healthcare.
But it is also the name of the project founded in her memory. It is the name of an Initiative in which local people, with the help of a few kind-hearted foreign volunteers, are dedicating their lives to reducing poverty and increasing education and opportunities in the area in which she lived. It is an Initiative that means that Kajsiab may not have died in vain.

Kajsiab Family: The Present

In 2010 Lara and Nzoua ,the founders of Kajsiab Family opened the Daauw Home Restaurant and Guest House. Daauw Home's income goes directly to Kajsiab Family: a Shelter for the mountainpeople, a Woman's Empowerment Shop, a Woman's workplace, Traineeships, Education for children, and a Traditional Medicine Garden.

At Daauw Home Lara and Nzoua provide women from the local villages with a place to sell their beautiful handmade products such as bags, skirts, rugs and belts. All of the money from these sales goes to the women from the villages. It is also here at Daauw Home that Nzoua and Lara take on interns from the local mountain villages.

The interns remain at Daauw Home for periods ranging from anything between a couple of months to several years, and during this time they receive training in the hospitality industry, business and administration matters, the English language and receive a fair monthly salary. In addition an area of Daauw Home is also dedicated to the providing of a place of shelter for the families of patients at the nearby hospital, with cooking and sleeping facilities provided free-of-charge.

This is an important service as in Laos hospitals the staff leave in the evening and it is the families
responsibility to look after the patient until the Doctors and nursing staff return in the morning.

Kajsiab Family: The Future

In the longer term, Kajsiab aims to increase self sustainability the rural villages by acting as a mediator
and providing information and education. Kajsiab hopes to establish local businesses from the mountain 
women, a medicinal herb garden, an organic farm, water and sanitation systems and classes to learn
creative skills for villagers.

It is believed that owing to the ‘profits’ of the Daauw Home Restaurant and Guest House that Kajsiab Family
can and will be entirely self-sustainable by the year 2020.

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