Focus Fields & Goals

Kajsiab Family has three building phases followed by a phase of five years in which the initiative can become self sustainable.

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Goals and Objectives

  1. 1.Improve the living standards of the local people, in specific;

  2. 2.Improve the access to healthcare for the villagers, provide first aid training, and focus on woman’s sexual education.

  3. 3. Promote informal educational possibilities for villagers by providing English language courses and other relevant subject 
    matters including business administration. Workshops are organized to learn new, and enhance existing skills, resulting in
    financial benefits for the villagers. The goal is to complete a Woman’s Workplace with different workshops available to
    learn new skills to make local products. The ultimate goal is to have villagers working at the products from their own home
    and establishing their own companies.

  4. 4. Improve understanding and respect of visitors and volunteers on culture and local customs and vice versa by; volunteering
    and working in existing Organic Farm and Piggery, Riciefields and Fishfarm, Traditional Medicine Garden, Homestay,
    Restaurant and Shelter, all part of Daauw Home self sustainability activities.

  5. 5.We suggest personal contact with us concerning information about Woman Empowerment Activities.

  6. 6.Have an opportunity to live in another culture and increase their understanding about the culture of Laos in an equal and respectful way.

  7. 7.Have an opportunity to see life from another perspective.

  8. 8.Leave more than a footprint, contribute to improve the living conditions of the local people in the villages.

This will be achieved by using the Home Stay system, giving at the same time an example to the local villagers for future
small scale tourism projects.

First Focus Field

Second Focus Field

Third Focus Field