Kajsiab Family: Why Donate?

Donate and you help turn the Dream of Kajsiab Family into a Reality.

Donate and you are helping to improve the lives of some of the poorest people in South-East Asia.

Donate and you are doing a good thing.

Where your donation will be going

At this very moment our team of dedicated volunteers – both Laos and Western – are in the process of turning the dream of  Kajsiab Family into a reality. We are building the Women's Workplace and developing all its future activities.

It is the dream of Kajsiab Family that, one day soon, this Workplace will comprise of a Women’s Workshop, Education Centre and information point of Women's Health Issues. 

It is our dream that women from the some of the most financially destitute villages in the Bokeo Province will come here to learn new skills, to build their confidence and to attend training courses that will further their earning potential.

It is our dream that the workshop will provide local women with the opportunity to support their families.
It is our dream that this workshop will help to empower local women within their communities and within their families.

It is our dream that this place, built by the hard work and generosity of many, will come to be of special and absolutely vital importance to divorced women and single mothers, who are some of the most fiercely stigmatized and burdened people in the country.

It is our dream that one day the Women's Workplace will be known as a place of massive help, support and, inspiration – emotionally, mentally and financially – to many of the poorest families in Laos; families who often subsist on a little over $2 U.S. a day.

It is our dream that one day Kajsiab Family – through the guest house, dormitory and restaurant at Base 1 – will be entirely self-sustaining. That is our dream. But we are not there yet, and until we are we need help. Your help.

Every dollar you donate will go towards the one of the following:

1) The running and operational costs involved in the construction of the Women’s Workshop – though, none of your money will go towards wages for foreigners, as all work on the construction site is carried out by our wonderful volunteers and the people from the mountains, who can support their family by working here and gain more skills.

Note: in the whole Initiative all money goes directly into the mountain communities.

2) We need sewing machines and materials to make the local products, fabrics and embroideries.

3) The shelter for the mountain people is over-populated and needs to be renovated; new kitchen to be able to work clean and efficient, bunkbeds for the children, cupboards. We also need to build a second shelter for the families who are doing longer term programmes with us, so that people staying for a few nights for hospital have more decent bedding and people who stay for traineeships have their own clean and healthy shelter. We need to raise the funds necessary to buy the piece of land attached to Daauw Home to build the second shelter. 

From everyone at Kajsiab Family,
                                                        Thank You

                                                         Cop Jai La Lai


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